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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 6 to Day 8: Georgian Bay, Ontario

Sunday morning found us bidding farewell to Ann and Tony on Peninsula Lake, amazed we could get the trailer hitched up and out of their garden...and in the rain en plus! Took the scenic route to Parry Sound, and then headed North on the highway along Georgian Bay. The rain stopped around Grundy Lake Provincial Park just south of French River, so we stopped too...Setting up in a beautiful campsite with our own private sandy beach. Loons calling across the lake as the sun set...A glass of wine on the rock and a late night swim...Fabulous!

On Monday, we left Carmella to graze at Grundy Lake and took a drive in Ruby up to French River, where the Voyageurs portaged their canoes on the fur run. A great hike in to see the rapids...And a chance to take in an amazing assortment of vintage cars competing in a 9 day 2400 km (mile?) circuit called the 'Great Race' from Michigan...to Michigan! Then we headed to Killarney on Georgian Bay for an excellent fish and chip lunch on the Quay at Herb's (billed as the best fish and chips in the world and not far off the mark with that!) and swimming in the frigid waters of the bay, near the lighthouse...Beautiful red rocks and scenery that just takes your breath away. The group of 7 painted here, and everywhere you look you see scenes that look just like their paintings.

Up bright and early on Tuesday morning and heading for the Soo...Passed Sudbury, stopped in at Espanola for supplies, and then along the shores of Lake Huron until we reached Thessalon and realized we had no electric brakes working...Stay tuned for what happened next!