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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 3: Algonquin Park

Getting to grips with the caravan life. Just the hot water system and 'dumping' still to master. It was so hot yesterday that we had to resort to the air conditioner for the first time. Midge would disapprove but, Ohhhhh...the joys of the new! We even put together an outside office to work in...away from the bugs.

On our way to Algonquin we stopped off in Barry's Bay. We visited Grumblin' Grannies store as suggested by wwp member Wendy. While there we also spoke to Debbie at the Bay Cafe about doing a salon there next summer. Over supper (we had Marianne's Tiropitas...wow!) we decided that as we travel, we'll scout out places we think would be good locations for putting on salons next summer.

When we arrived in Algonquin we got into our site at the Pog Lake campground...eventually! Let's just say that we got plenty of practice backing the caravan into this space! It was worth it, however, this being one of the best camp sites either of us have ever stayed at. Idyllic...sandy beaches and loons calling across the lake...clear, velvety water which makes for great swimming. To keep us from becoming armchair travelers we went on a 14 km bike ride along the old railway train line...very,very beautiful.

Pictures to follow...