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Sunday, June 16, 2013

A joyful day at the Nurtury

A few of our philosophy club members join us for lunch at the Nurtury.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spinning off Spinoza in the UK, May 14 - 28, 2013

Here is a photographic taster of my recent research trip to the UK...We'll be picking up on details of the two conferences I attended on Spinoza (one at Birkbeck, the other at Queen Mary's College, London) at next Saturday's member's lunch at the Nurtury, bringing the ideas of some of the Spinozist folks I met while over there -  Moira Gatens, Sue James and Hannah Grosse Wiesmann (pictured left) as well as Caroline Williams, Simon O'Sullivan, Rosi Braidotti, Beth Lord and Peg Rawes, to name just a few - into the conversation.

I'll speak to some of the other images in this blog at the lunch as well...Highlights included my afternoon with the curator of UCL's Galton Collection, Subhadra Das; hanging out in the library (and fantastic cafe!) of the Wellcome Trust Institute; 'hanging' with Jeremy Bentham at UCL; following the trail of DNA trail-blazer Rosalind Franklin; finding the way home for Spinoza the Cat with Eve; learning about mathematics, Mary Noble Fawcett, and countless other matters from my great aunt Octavia Bridget in Oxford; spending time with inspirational UCL geneticists Ursula Mittwoch and Dallas Swallow; outstanding stays with Gil and Di, Mike and Heather; great travel talks with Helen at Goldsmith's House; discovering interesting connections with Susanna in Totnes; visiting Virginia Woolf's Richmond home with Eve and Marilyn; and stumbling upon the engaging members of the Judi Dench Fan Club!