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Monday, June 14, 2010

Play Social Bridge away day Sunday 13th June

Thanks to Marianne for leading the Play Social Bridge away day this past Sunday. The day was aimed at women totally new to the game, which means that the emphasis was on the basics: we learnt about 'plays', 'bids' and 'calls'...And even though we found the dealing and shuffling order challenging (sorry, Marianne!!!) we got there in the end. The progress made from start to end was amazing, and we anticipate new members joining the wwp bridge nights when the season kicks off again in September (hint, hint Roni!). Moreover - and taking inspiration from the day - Marianne and Rona are planning to run a Play Social Bridge away day/weekend in the Fall aimed at beginners, brusher-uppers, and intermediate players. Watch this space for more details.

Note to wwp members : Marianne and Rona will be structuring the bridge nights a little differently come September. Each evening session (we have one every two weeks) will begin with a 15 minute lesson - posted on the blog ahead of time - covering a particular aspect of the game e.g. bidding, leading, finessing. So... Wondering how many points you need to have between you and your partner before committing to a five-diamond contract??? Come join in on our bridge evenings and you'll be sure to find out!