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Monday, May 10, 2010

Yoga at The Nurtury 7-9 May, 2010

This past weekend, 9 women gathered at the Nurtury to learn how to BREATHE...As we strove to find Balance, Relaxation, Energy, Awareness, Transformation, Happiness and Enlightenment through the practice of Hatha Yoga, we created a strong group bond and developed a sense of care and nurturing with and for each other. It was, in all ways, a special weekend full of special moments. From opening up our weekend with the question "How do we wear our bodies?", through experimenting with those same bodies as we performed our salutations to the sun, to our final look at "the pose" in its many and varied contexts over Sunday Brunch, we journeyed far as a group and as individuals.

Thank you to Marta for leading us through our Yoga sessions in a way that moved us spiritually, emotionally, physically and creatively. You not only created a safe and comfortable place for us all to stretch our bodies to new limits; you also gave us a bodily language from which to start engaging in lively and enriching philosophical discussion around the dinner table. We also want to thank Bernice for enlightening us with regard to Eastern philosopher Lao Tzu, and his notions of simplicity, suppleness, and actionless action. As for all our participants, you are truly amazing women. We loved getting to know you better, and we so appreciated the contributions each of you made to the success of this weekend. Below, a comment from Diana who drove down from Ottawa to attend the weekend.

"Just a quick note to thank you for a truly amazing weekend. I think it goes into my once-in-a-lifetime-experience category. The weekend has given me so much to process -- there's a "gentle typhoon" going on inside me and I'm just going to let it happen and see what emerges. In the meantime, I continue to think about and savour the flavours, colours, textures, sounds and connections that made my experience at the Nurtury so special."

And this just in from Pat who also made the journey from Ottawa to be with us for the weekend.

"Thank you for a magical weekend. Food for the body, mind and spirit. It was as though I had been off and away for three weeks. Better, even. I came home refreshed as I rarely am after a trip. The food was way beyond expectations, the building a delight, the location secret and yet open, and of course the opportunity to experience my good friend as a talented teacher was a rare gift. The discussions echoed the kind of things that often roll around in my head, but rarely do I have anyone to exchange them with. All in all, something I will happily do again, and recommend to friends."