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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Digital Photography and Photoshop Weekend

The circle of inspiration was alive and well this past weekend at the Nurtury, and for once the good news was that the sun didn't shine! That didn't mean, however, that Spring wasn't springing out all over. So, armed with our digital cameras, we headed out to shoot macro-style, glad that no shadows impeded our framing of the minuscule landscapes of nature.

It was a weekend where fractals became demystified along with our cameras. It was a weekend where we each struggled to find our sweet spot...And having found it, enjoyed seeing how to turn our photos into works of art through using Photoshop.
A heartfelt thanks to Lea Stillinger whose expert guidance helped us to take our photographs to a whole new level : opening up the possibility for creating posters, screens, wall hangings, clothing, and greeting cards. Thanks also to our fabulous participants who willingly explored what it means to be fully in the moment, and who embraced this weekend's challenge of igniting their creative selves. Word on the block is that there will be another digital photography weekend coming up soon...So watch this space!

Participants we are waiting for your weekend oeuvres...till then here is a sampling from Marilyn Meikle's weekend portfolio