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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

News from the Road

We were distressed to hear that Jessica's home and outbuildings in Rosebud had been badly damaged by heavy winds that blew through the Alberta Badlands a couple of days ago. Having spent time with Jessica and her little dog Magic in July and taken photos of her newly roofed quonset, the photos she sent us of the quonset now shocked us. Here is an extract from Jessica's account of what happened.

"It was a terrifying time, I closed the window shutters, and listened as stuff bashed the house and all around... thought of the nails accumulating outside on the drive, and lawn. How many flat tires on the mower, and truck, to come? Friends, you best not drive in!

Magic and I were mighty scared, but we're ok. Gusts, like I've never experienced anywhere before...the cracking noises on the house, so loud and fierce, I thought parts of the house were going to bust off too. Lots of roofing on the house blew off."

Jessica also expressed concern for the farmer next door. His crop of canola had been torn up by the wind and was strewn around all over her property.

Our thoughts go out to you Jessica. We wish you courage and strength as you go about repairing the damage.