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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 19: Hello Friendly Manitoba

Saturday morning found us striking out for the Ontario/Manitoba border...We passed through beautiful lakes on the TC highway 17, and then there it was...Goodbye Ontario, Hello Manitoba. An easy drive along flat dual highway TC 1, and then south on route 12 into Steinbach - home to the Mennonite Heritage Village. We pulled into the campground on the edge of town, marveled at the prairie flatness and the huge open sky, and set off on our bikes for the heritage village.

This is a great attraction to visit on a hot summer's day...a gentle ramble takes you through a collection of historic buildings that were transported to Steinbach from different parts of Manitoba. In their totality, they recreate the feel of a typical late 19th Century Mennonite village: homes, barns, a windmill, a blacksmiths, a general store, a one roomed school house, a couple of churches, some extremely neat vegetable gardens...Rona enjoyed checking out some old farm machinery, Linnet made friends with donkey, and we were both intrigued by a piece of the Berlin Wall that has ended up in Steinbach. We spent some time talking to the woman who runs the village restaurant, and came away with some rhubarb cake and their famous cinnamon buns...All delicious.

It was hot hot hot on those bikes, so we swung into the drive-thru at Tim Hortons on the main drag for an Iced Capp with Espresso Shot...We were told off very politely for doing the drive-thru on bikes, which is strictly forbidden and should have been picked up by the sensor system BEFORE we made it to the pick-up window...You learn something new everyday!

The next morning we were on our way bright and early to Winnipeg, leaving Carmella parked up in Shirley and Todd's driveway before driving north to Sandy Hook on Lake Winnipeg to spend a couple of days with Deb and Judy.