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Thursday, March 8, 2012

WWP Celebrate International Women's Day 2012

Thursday evening's salon in celebration of International Women's Day was a joyous occasion that paid tribute to women who have fought to make our world a better place to live in, whilst tapping each of us into our own “inner activist.” As an event, it epitomized everything we love about wine women and philosophy – women coming together to share their knowledges and spark each others' learning and create, in the process, a rich and vibrant contribution to a story that is still unfolding. For indeed, the story of women fighting to change their circumstances and carve out a place for themselves in an often hostile political and social climate is one that goes way way back, but is far from over – a fact that was brought home to us as we 'surfed' the waves of women's activism and found that for all that we have achieved, well...there is still plenty left to rock the boat about!

Below, you'll find a photographic flavour of the night's celebrations - a night that began with Rona's presentation of the origins of International Women's Day; that then turned to action wwp-style as participants took to their work stations (organized around the three major waves of western feminism) to 'workshop' ideas stimulated by artifacts from each of these waves; that culminated in three lively and insightful poster presentations.

It was one of those evenings where we worked hard and played hard and came away with not only a better sense of our collective history as women, but of our solidarity as wwp members. Thank you to all who took part. We were delighted at how well the evening went and will definitely be making IWD an annual event for wine women and philosophy. Thanks also to Carolyn for her delicious cake and to Sonia for the flowers. Both gifts made our celebration that much more festive...They also segue nicely into our next salon evening on April 12, which will revolve around 'the gift' in all its many guises (and disguises!)