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Monday, March 28, 2011

A tribute to painter Krystyna Fudakowska - Erdman

Over the weekend we attended wwp member Marta Fudakowska's homage to her mother, Krystyna Fudakowska-Erdman - an artist who expressed herself through painting and weaving, as well as a wide range of domestic arts.

Marta's tribute to her mother on the 10th anniversary of her death showcased Krystyna's paintings over the course of a 30 year period - from when she began painting in earnest in her 50s, working through her often traumatic wartime memories in Poland through abstract expressionism, to a more peaceful time in her life, which she captured in a mixed media series of beloved Sherbrooke landscapes.

Krystyna's moving artistic works were beautifully displayed at her granddaughter, Yasmin's, yoga studio in Pointe-Claire village. We were both touched by Marta's frank and kind words about her mother, and her request that we all take the time to think about the contributions and often overlooked talents of the special women in our lives. This is certainly a theme that is dear to our hearts at wine women and philosophy - it rings especially true in the week that our new Philosophy Club series, The Invisible Matron, is beginning.