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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friends of wwp support member Janice Poltrick Donato's one woman show

Last Wednesday wwp members turned out in force to attend the opening reception of Janice Poltrick Donato's one woman show at the Gallerie de la Ville in DDO. In addition to showcasing Janice's tremendous artistic range and enormous talent as a drawer and painter, the 40 works on display paid tribute to her family and friends. In effect, what viewers were treated to was an intimate look at family life and dynamics: the bonds of love, youth and aging, the everyday dramas, and those pivotal moments that leave their indelible mark on how our lives unfold from here. Above all, this was a tribute to the genre of portraiture and those who attended the reception were lucky to see many of Janice's subjects in person.

The star of the show was undoubtedly Janice's mother, Mary (pictured centre in the first photo), and we watched Mary grow from girl to young wife and mother to the person she is today. Janice has an uncanny ability to capture the tiny minutiae of the face and one of the lasting impressions of this show are skin textures, the glint in an eye and sunlight hitting an eyelash. Equally, Janice offers an intimate glimpse into the spirit of the person she is drawing or painting.

This is a show that is well worth taking a trip out to (see details of gallery hours and location on posting below) and we urge you to go and see the magnificent oeuvres that constitute Janice's opus. It was great to see so many wwp members at the event and special thanks go out to Wendy for capturing the show in the photographs below. We will give Wendy the final word... "I was really impressed with the exhibit, Janice has some really beautiful paintings, her mom looked so sweet, and I felt like crying when I saw her there, it was so touching and so family oriented. It was her life in a room."

A personal note of thanks from Janice to our members...

"Greetings to all you fellow wine-drinking, sister-encouraging philosophers! And thank you for your support at the vernissage of my portrait show 'The Crucible'. It is a risky venture in many ways to expose oneself and one's work in a public forum like that, and I was juggling doubts and anxiety for months leading up to it. By your presence, your interest and your smiling faces you made it a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for me, as I hope it was for all of you. Thanks Wendy, for capturing the moment with your great photos."