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Monday, October 26, 2009

Fragments of The Writerly Life

Our collective writing weekend was a wonderful mixture of wit, wine, warmth and wonder.
Together we explored how those everyday scraps of life can be turned into pieces of writing of which we can feel proud. Pat, our able guide and source of so much inspiration, helped us to craft our thoughts and experiences into the written word, and to present the results to the rest of the group. We came away feeling like we had worked in a very playful way. Pat is going to pull our writings together into a blog...details to follow! One of our writing exercises was to compose collective Haikus (3 lines of 5 syllables /7 syllables / 5 syllables). We began with...

an object = Typewriter
an emotion = Anger
an action = Writing

... broke into groups, and started composing. Here are a few of our offerings...

Grade 8 Miss Pion
Holding court in typing class
Syncopated bliss

Black and silver box
Worked 2 weeks factory job
Right to left, no fault

Bubbling rage within
Dark energy eating me
Spring up to seize throat

Steaming in my bath
Raging through my tortured limbs
Simmering, I plot...

I put down my guts
Spirals, circles and feelings
Will you still love me

Pen poised waiting here
Words, fragments, moments create
The writerly life

...And finally, Typewriter, Anger and Writing all rolled into one:

Clack clack space return
Pound out fury on your keys
Pen resolves head noise

Thanks to all for making this another great wwp weekend!